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On-Line Lessons

Here are some teachers (in alphabetical order) who offer on-line autoharp lessons through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. I’ve never taken lessons from them, but I do enjoy their playing! Bill Gregg A music teacher with years of experience teaching autoharp, guitar, piano, fiddle, and banjo in-person, Bill is now teaching all of his students on-line using Google Meet. Beginning & intermediate chromatic autoharp. Cathy Britell International Autoharp Champion, International Autoharp Hall of Famer and Seattle Autoharp Week founder, teaches beginner to advanced autoharp via ZOOM for all ages. She teaches the genres students are most interested in, whether old-time, country, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, gospel, or pop/rock. Cathy will also work on vocal techniques and song interpretation, intonation, and accompaniment if the student wishes. She is an expert at helping people over forty regain a strong singing voice. Rates: $40 for 30 min Website: Jo Ann Smith Two-time International Autoharp Champion and Mountain Laurel Champion, teaches chromatic and diatonic autoharp for beginning and intermediate students and diatonic autoharp for advanced students. Rates: $45 for 50 min Website: Les Gustafson-Zook Two-time International Autoharp Champion. For more information, contact Les at or call 574-238-3579. Lucille Reilly Three-time International Autoharp Champion and three-time Mountain Laurel Champion says “I love to teach music! And I especially love to teach autoharpists how to make their music on any make of autoharp sound good. I teach all levels of players and any subject they desire, be it strumming basics, picking single strings accurately, various ways to pinch the strings, finger order of melodies for musical phrasing, how to play melodies with a full harmonic sound, how to intuitively add fill strokes to melodies, choosing wonderful chords, Chord & Release on a diatonic autoharp (my passion!), contest coaching—or what have you?” For more information, contact Lucille at Michael Poole 2018 MLAG Contest champion. For more information go to