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The Whippoorwill Acoustics Autoharp Kalimba. If you can text, you can play it! Hand crafted from the same solid woods as our high-end musical instruments for the best sound. Available in cherry, black walnut, and whatever else we have been working with lately. This little instrument (5 1/2" x 11") sounds great and is a lot of fun to play. Light weight and premium wood construction give it a great voice. You can even feel it vibrate as it sings, if you are into that sort of thing. Twelve notes, tuned to a major scale. Notes in the relative minor pentatonic scale, used by lead guitar players in bar bands everywhere, are marked so you can easily improvise your own solos. Minor blues scale is also available. Playing tips can be found here. We find that, unlike autoharps, the sound of our kalimbas is pretty much the same, regardless of the wood species used. We are currently have nine Kalimbas in stock, with Black Walnut, Curly Red Oak, Curly Sassafras (that still has a bit of a spicy smell) and Wormy Cherry tops. The Wormy Cherry was stored in the attic of a barn for decades, leaving it with the deep rich color of aged Cherry. Kalimbas are $65.00 plus shipping. Call 260-249-5561or email to order one today! We also have some Kalimba Songbooks in stock. It has the words and music for 19 songs that are popular at folk music jams. You can play the songs on a Kalimba tuned to any major scale, regardless of the key, and whether or not you can read music. If you can sing the lyrics, you can play the songs in this book! Songbooks are $16.50, which includes shipping and handling, or $15.00 when ordered with a kalimba. Call us at 260-249-5561 to order one today!
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Walnut Oak Sassafras Cherry